31 Days to #BlogAwesomeness

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Does the world of blogging sometimes feel overwhelming? Have you ever felt like you’re out of your league when you compare your blog to those of others who have gone before you? You started blogging for a reason, and you shouldn’t let anything get in your way. You can make your blog awesome. And 31 Days to #BlogAwesomeness can help you get there. In this course, we’ll answer the following questions (and likely many more) to help get you on the road to having an amazingly successful blog:

  • How can I find the right focus and direction I need to have a successful blog?
  • What tools and systems should I have set up to get what I need and measure my success?
  • How do I design my blog for success, and maybe even to make a little money off of it?
  • What kind of content (blog posts) should I be writing to get people’s attention?

Take this course over a 31-day period with a new focus and task for each day, or study it all at once. Either way, if you put the lessons in this course into practice, you will see significant growth in your blog.