Your Blog’s Focus (Day 1)

There are a staggering number of blogs on the internet with WordPress boasting hundreds of thousands of websites created each month. Because you’re working toward blog awesomeness, ask yourself two questions:

  1. Why do I blog?
  2. Who is my audience?

These two questions will help you focus and find your niche in the blogosphere. As you consider these questions, can you narrow your blog’s theme to a single word or phrase?

Faith bloggers often turn to OneWord365. Membership is free and you have the opportunity to connect with other members by blogging about your “one word” throughout the year.

As you contemplate your word or phrase, you may choose a personal strength or weakness. This provides an opportunity to blog about your journey and the lessons you’ve learned or are learning. A clear focus can help you define your direction and give you a foundation to build on.

You may find your focus changing from time to time, and that’s fine! Don’t feel like you’re locked into a particular subject forever, but do focus on a topic you’re passionate about. Blogging should be an endeavor you enjoy, and so look for ways to keep the joy alive in your writing.


Consider your focus. We’ll be using this in upcoming lessons, so take some time and choose wisely. Don’t be afraid if you feel your focus is narrow and your following might be small. Having a clear blogging focus will benefit you AND your readers.