Step 2: Help Your Reader Connect To the Content

  1. Give extra value with examples and/or exercises
    You might have lots of great information to share with your readers — but, for your post to be effective, this needs to be presented in a way they can easily grasp and use.

Readers don’t want abstract principles or theoretical discussions. Sure, they may be interested in understanding the why … but they also want to know what to do.

Examples help readers to “get” what’s being discussed. Here’s an example of a example:

He’d search Google with phrases like “[My closest city] [sport] [‘Olympian’ or ‘world champion’ or ‘world record’]” A search for “San Francisco bobsled Olympian” might get him a recently retired team doctor — the perfect lead to start with.

Exercises give readers a specific task, and help prevent overwhelm. (You might call them “Do this,” Your turn,” “Try it, or even simply “Exercise.”)

Do it: Look at a recent post. Could you add in a short example or exercise for each subsection or point?