About This Course

Welcome to the Beta trial of the “How To SEO a Blog” course! I (Dan) am glad you’re here! Here’s a little more about what you can expect as we kick this thing off.

Lesson Availability Timeline

We expect the first batch of lessons to be loaded and ready to go by Tuesday, March 4th. And all lessons should be loaded within two weeks after that. There’s not a set schedule for which lessons will load when. It just really depends on how long it takes to create each of them. So we’ll load as much as we can as soon as we can. And when new lessons are ready, we’ll let you know via email and the private Facebook group for the beta users.

The Private Facebook Group

One of the benefits you’ll get as a beta user is additional access to me as we work through the content to ask questions and get a little more help with your specific situation. Plus I’ll make announcements about content, and just stir a little extra conversation there. Hopefully, there will be a little opportunity for everyone to learn a little from each others experiences as we work through the content together too. Regardless, this group will be an important part of the experience for this round of training.

Click here to request access to the group on Facebook.

Expectations for Beta Participation

To be completely honest, I’m hoping that we can have a little bit of, “if you scratch my back, then I’ll scratch yours.” Not only are you getting a big discount on this course, but I’m also expecting to provide more personal and in-depth attention to your blog, and I’ll be providing you some free reports and analysis that others normally have to pay for to get their hands on.

From my end, I’m hoping to learn a little bit from your experience in going through this content so that I can make it better for people when we launch it to everyone else. I’m also hoping that you’ll see some impact from what we’re doing and what you’re learning, and that you’d be willing to share a little review or testimonial on the course that I can use.